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Shipping bribes between government agencies in India brought to light

DHS Progress Report

The Dept. of Homeland Security has issued its: Progress Report on Implementation of Mission and Management Functions. GAO-07-1081T, September 6 -


North American Competitive Council Leaders' Meeting

The U.S., Mexico and Canada continue to seek ways to increase competitiveness in the North American region. The last leaders' meeting was in August 2007. For more details about the results of that meeting, see...

China Enters Into Toy Safety Agreement with U.S.

In the face of repeated product recalls of toys and other consumer products, China and the U.S. have entered into an agreement to address these concerns. For more details see the press release and Joint Statement on the Consumer...

U.S. Phytosanitary Certificates

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has announced ways in which to obtain phytosanitary certificates for plants and plant products. For more details, see the latest USDA flyer

More Mexican and U.S. Highway Carriers Certified

The U.S. Congress continues to cut off funding to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's program to certify Mexican truckers. Despite that action, DOT has added to the list of certified long haul providers, this time it...

Feds to track Mexican trucks with satellite

From the American Shipper On-Line Edition dated Septebmer 28, 2007

Motor carriers participating in the U.S.-Mexico bilateral cross-border trucking pilot program will have to use satellite-based vehicle tracking systems for...

Massive Penalty Imposed For Really Bad Behavior

Under U.S. law, if an importer fails to properly declare the value or classification of his goods at time of importation, he is subject to a penalty for the material misdeclaration. Typically, that importer ends up owing the...

WHTI Update

As the White House Travel Initiative continues through the legislative process, Americans for Better Borders continues pointing out to Congress the dangers of premature implementation. For more details, see ABB letter to House...