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Plame v. Cheney - Not a Trade Case, But Interesting for International Lawyers

Today, Susan Decker and Cary O'Reilly reported on that the previous dismissal of the case filed by Valerie Plame against Vice- President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and I. Lewis Libby was determined by the U.S. Court of...

UK Decision on Appropriate Forum Raises Questions

Andrew Wigston, a solicitor at Finers Stephens Innocent LLP has written a good article that may be found in the London Times online  -

I am reproducing...

Is it possible that the WTO Illegal Byrd Amendment will return for the sequel?

On August 11, 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported in an article entitled "Bryd's Bad Idea is Back" that there are subterranean efforts in Congress to revive the repealed Byrd Amendment (more formally known as the Continued...

New Twist to WTO Aircraft Subsidies Cases

Canada's Financial Post (part of the National Post newspaper) is reporting today that "The United States is ready to clash with the British government over the $300-million U. S. aid program for Bombardier Inc.'s Short aircraft...