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Canada's Bill C-43 Incorporates Hidden Advance Data Element Requirements

On February 15, 2008, Bill C-43 "An Act to amend the Customs Act" was tabled for first reading in Canada's House of Commons.  In the middle of Bill C-43 is the following innocuous provision:

"6. The Act is amended by adding...

Canada Announces Launch of Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Jordan

On February 20, 2008, Canada's International Trade Minister announced the launch of free trade agreement negotiations between Canada and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  A free trade agreement between Canada and Jordan...

A Class Action Law Suit for Canadians Who Eat Chocolate

It was reported today that a class-action lawsuit was filed in Canada against several Canadian chocolate makers, alleging a conspiracy to fix prices.

The suit names the Canadian divisions of four major chocolate manufacturers -...

Private Health Care Providers May See Opportunities on the Horizon in Quebec

On February 19, 2008, a task force  proposed “profound” changes to Quebec's health care system, including a greater role for the private sector.   The head of the task force is former Liberal minister and insurance...