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Soon-to-be Imposed Fees For Incoming Text Messages Not Going Over Well

Industry Minister, Jim Prentice, has hinted (strongly) that Canadian telecom giants Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility could face new regulations if they do not reconsider their decision to charge customers for incoming text...

CBSA Officers at Pearson Airport to Get Sensitivity Training

Most people would laugh at the words "customs officers" and sensitivity training" in the same sentence.  They are not a group known for being "sensitive".  Well, the Canada Border Services...

Tobacco Companies Plead Guilty in Cross-Border Smuggling Case for $1.15 Billion

On July 31, 2008, two tobacco companies, (1) Rothmans Benson and Hedges ("Rothmans") and (2) Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd. ("Imperial") ended cases going back 8 years relating to the cross-border smuggling of tobacco products. A...