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Should Canada Link Trade Agreements with Other Aspects of International Law?

Canada has been negotiating a free trade agreement with Columbia. Four FTA negotiating rounds were held in Lima (July 16-20, 2007); Ottawa (September 4-7, 2007); Bogota (October 1 to 5, 2007); and Lima (November 26-30, 2007),...

ITAR Flashback

Trade lawyers blog has been following a series of cases where Canadian companies in the defense industry are facing human rights complaints under Canadian law for compliance with the U.S International Traffic in Arms Regulations...

State-to-State Dispute Between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Being Resolved Pursuant to GCC Procedures

I have come across an article written on the Emirates Business website concerning a customs dispute between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  It is difficult for North American lawyers to learn of disputes under...