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Story From Chile - Behind the Scenes at the UN and the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement

It is rare to have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall listening to the delaings between the United States and a trade partner. 

Here is a fascinating post from Moderate Observer (taken from the Washington Post) - see...

Money Seizures in the U.S.

A while back, Cyndee Cherniak posted an article about monetary seizures in Canada. The U.S. view is not all that different. The U.S. rule is that any money, monetary instrument (checks, money orders, etc), or other negotiable...

Time = Money, even in goods movement

The old adage that time means money has many applications. One that has perhaps been often overlooked is how to quantify that in the context of goods movement.

In 2001, David Hummels at Purdue University sought to explain how...

CPSC Estabalishes Import Surveillance Division

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the creation of a new Import Surveillance Division which is tasked with inspecting, detecting and stopping hazardous products from entering into the United States.


Advance Data Elements Update

An unusually large number of comments were filed by the public in response to Customs' advance data elements (10 + 2) proposal. The comment period closed March 18th. The great majority all make the same basic points.



Fruit and vegetable origin rules deadline

Effective September 30, 2008, all fruits and vegetables (and other named commodities) sold in the U.S. will have to be marked with their country of origin.

In 2002, the Farm Act amended the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to...

Employee Only Truckers Wanted in L.A., not Long Beach

Despite the threat of imminent legal action by the American Trucking Association and other trucking interests, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission has approved the Teamster proposal requiring all drivers who service the Port to be...

BIS Starts On-Line Training

The Dept. of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security has started an on-line training service. It can be found at:

This effort is quite new so there are not yet...

Oakland Also Approves Container Tax

Following on the heels of actions by the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners on March 21, 2008 approved in concept a tax on ocean containers. In June, Port staff is expected to make...