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Lacey Act Deadline Imminent and Covers Wide Range of Products

The 2008 Farm Act changes to the Lacey Act took effect on May 22, 2008. What rapidly caught the attention of the importing community is the requirement for a declaration which must accompany each importation and is mandated to...

EurAsEC Customs Union in the Making - May Affect Exports to Russia and Kazakhstan

Reports are surfacing that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are planning to form a customs union in 2010 - called the Eurasian Economic Community.  A customs union has a higher degree of economic integration than a free trade...

Suggestion on What the CAW Can Do to Help the Canadian Auto Industry

There is a lot of talk among trade law specialists about whether payments to the auto industry would result in a WTO illegal subsidy.  IF Canada, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the United States all bail out their...