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Well, Somebody Is Certainly Ticked!

In Sioux Honey Association v Hartford Fire Insurance, the lawsuit filed earlier this month by certain honey, mushroom, crawfish and garlic domestic producers against several sureties, Customs and Commerce, Plaintiffs are...

AAT rules to allow joinder

In Dow Agroscience Australia Ltd and CEO of Customs (2 March 2009), the AAT was called to rule on application by Nufarm to be joined to certain AAT proceedings.  The proceedings related to an application by Dow for a TCO for...

Competition authorities succeed in actions to gather evidence against SQ and Emirates

As you are all aware, competition authorities around the world have been taking action against alleged price fixing on air cargo services.



Many airlines here (including QF and BA) have settled, but some (including SQ and...

Australia and New Zealand sign FTA with ASEAN Nations


In August 2008, there were announcements that Australia and New Zealand had struck a deal to establish a Free Trade Agreement with the ASEAN nations ("AANZFTA").  We issued an update which can be found on our website.


The G20, the WCO and Australian Customs


The world's press has been full of the words and sentiment expressed at the recent G20 Summit in London.  One of the outcomes from the Summit was the issue of a communiqué from the G 20 leaders on 4 April 2009 setting out...