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Iran Election – What Does It Portend?

The coverage of the election in Iran has been breathtaking, but also raises some troubling questions for international traders. Let’s start with the obvious conclusion. Any question about the totalitarian nature of the...

Infant/Toddler Durable Goods Registration Requirements

In the June 29, 2009 Federal Register, the Consumer Product Safety Commission published a notice which implements a provision in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that requires registration by manufacturers of durable...

Tracking Label Requirements Effective August 14, 2009 - Are You Ready?

On August 14, 2009, the CPSIA tracking label requirement becomes effective on all children’s products. All goods, domestic and imported, manufactured after that date must bear the requisite tracking label. The label...

CPSC Announces Position re Lead in Bicycle and Jogger Stroller Parts

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is proceeding on a per category basis to deal with the various provisions in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  The CPSIA was enacted to eliminate phthalates and...

Statutory Update

President changes GSP rules, plus Chile and Oman FTA updated - see