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China is Learning to Play the Anti-Dumping Retaliation Game

The World Trade Organization has reported that more anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases were filed last year against China than any other country.  China appears to be considering the ways it can respond.  The...

Are Canada and the United States Going to Negotiate a Government Procurement Side Agreement?

Canada's Globe and Mail Newspaper is reporting in an article entitled "Ottawa pushes for a new chapter in free trade with U.S." that Canada may re-open NAFTA to evolve Chapter 10 on Government Procurement. To read the article,...

The President of the Canada Border Services Agency Can Grant Extensions of Time to File Customs Appeals

Yesterday, a client contacted us on the 90th day after receiving a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) detailed adjustment statement (DAS), which is an assessment of border taxes (i.e, customs duties, border goods and services...