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Canada's Federal Court of Appeal Makes Interesting Observation About Canada Revenue Agency Publications

I know that certain people at the Canada Revenue Agency (they know who they are) are not going to be happy with me for sharing this statement written by the Federal Court of Appeal.  But, the statement is useful for persons...

Canada's Federal Court of Appeal Determines Certain Investment Management Services Exempt from GST

On April 16, 2009, Canada's Federal Court of Appeal issued a very important decision in Her Majesty the Queen v. The Canadian Medical Protective Association.  Don't let the name of the the respondent fool you, the case does...

Canada and Jordan Sign Free Trade Agreement, Environmental Agreement, Labour Agreement and FIPPA

On June 28, 2009, Canada's International Trade Minister, Stockwell Day, announced that Canada and Jordan have signed a free trade agreement. In addition, Canada and Jordan signed Labour and Environmental Cooperation Agreements...