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Obama Trade Policy

A high ranking Obama Administration official recently identified the four pillars of Obama's trade policy as the multilateral system, enforcing what was negotiated, free trade agreements, and how well does the trading system work...

FDA Challenges

At a recent speech, FDA’s Associate Commissioner for Food David Acheson pointed out some of the hurdles facing FDA. He specifically mentioned increasing global demand, 15% of all food consumed in the U.S. is imported and those...

U.S. Southwest Border Gets More Attention

The U.S. federal government has begun to increase the attention being paid to Mexican border issues other than drugs, although the drug wars captured the attention of the general press as drug kingpins brazenly acted in ways that...

Homeland Security Priorities

From the outset, Secretary Napolitano has said the priorities of Homeland Security are:

1) Law enforcement2) Disaster recovery3) Privacy4) Civil liberties5) Critical infrastructure6) Protect infrastructure; and7) Immigration...

Importer Security Filing – 10 + 2 Update

At a trade association meeting last week, Customs released updated figures about ISF filings. As of mid-May, some 809,000 filings had been received from about 45,000 filers. Of those, nearly 88% were accepted without errors, 4.3%...