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Canadian NGOs and Labour Rights Groups Ask RCMP to Investigation Blackfire Exploration for Bribery of Foreign Official

In March 2010, MiningWatch Canada and a coalition of Canadian non-governmental organizations and labour rights groups asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Anti-Corruption Unit (RCMP-AICU) to investigate Blackfire Exploration...

In-House Legal Counsel May Be Wise to Pass Iran Sanctions Questions to Outside Lawyers

There is a debate concerning the provision of legal advice to circumvent economic sanctions laws that raises concerns in the United States among both in-house counsel and outside counsel. With the new export controls and economic...

Canada Imposes New Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Against Iran Affecting the Oil & Gas Industry

Any business in Canada's oil & gas sector who were/are doing business with Iran needs to look at the new rules as the landscape has changed dramatically. In June/July 2010, the Government of Canada promulgated the following...