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An Important Canadian Retailer is expecting $5 Million Hit from HST in H2 2010

Reuters is reporting that Canadian Tire is expecting a poor 2010, due in part to Ontario's and British Columbia's decision to harmonize the retail sales tax (ON)/social services tax (BC) with the goods and services tax (GST)....

Sales Tax Audit Tip - Ask to Include the Auditor's Manager or Senior Manager

First, I should say, DO NOT CALL WOLF. Asking to include to the auditor's manager or the senior manager at a meeting with you (the vendor or taxpayer) and the auditor should be used in limited (but greater than occasional)...

Canada Likely to Soon Impose Additional Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Against Iran

Canadian businesses should expect a new round of Iran Sanctions in the near future. On February 10, 2010, Prime Minister Harper issued the following statement:

"Canada is deeply disturbed by Iran's decision further to enrich its...