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Even Canada's Department of National Defence Takes Steps to Avoid U.S. Export Controls Headaches

The Ottawa Citizen newspaper published an article written by David Pugliese on January 25, 2010 entitled "Navy says no to buying American U.S. restrictions on technology can lead to delays". This article contains great reporting...

Elements Of An Effective FCPA Compliance Program

Thomas R. Fox (twitter - @tfoxlaw) sends Trade Lawyers Blog the following post that we are pleased to share:

In his excellent FCPA Blog, Richard Cassin has written about an effective compliance program. He notes that the purpose...

A Warehouse in Ontario May be Considered to be a Nexus for Ontario Sales Tax Purposes

Renting storage space in an Ontario warehouse may be considered to be a nexus for Ontario retail sales tax purposes. Much attention is given to the presence of an employee or agent in a province / state when analyzing whether a...