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Canada's CBSA Provides Instructions on Completing RMD Release Requests

On December 7, 2007, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)  issued Customs Notice CN 07-037 "Declaration of Goods on Release Requests".  Customs Notice CN-07-037 intends to provide guidance relating to the completion of "Release on Minimum Documentation" (RMD) release requests.  Good luck in comprehending this document as it is not reader friendly - even for seasoned customs practitioners.

Customs Notice CN-07-037 deals with the release of goods.  Normally, the CBSA requires certain information about goods so that they can determine the appropriate amount of customs duties applicable in respect of the importation.

However, there are times when complete information is not available and importers seek to have goods released on minimum documentation (but sufficient for an interim accounting and release).  In these circumstances, the importer of record would use an RMD release request.

There are generally two types of RMD release requests:

1) RDM with AQ (Appraisal Quality) included;

2) RDM without AQ included (also known as "AQ to follow" release requests).

Appraisal Quality information is information required to support the final accounting for the goods.  AQ information is usually found on the Form CI1 'Canada Customs Invoice".

Customs Notice CN-07-037 is intended to help importers with their provision of H.S. tariff classification codes for the imported goods.  As a general rule, the CBSA requires the 10-digit H.S. tariff classification code for each good that is imported into Canada.  Customs Notice CN-07-037 provides guidance for both AQ and AQ to follow transactions.

If you require further clarification, please consult a Canadian customs duty specialist (such as Cyndee Todgham Cherniak, Michael flavell, Geoff Kubrick or Martin Masse).

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