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Long Beach Pulls Truck Proposal

In response to the last minute actions of the Port of Los Angeles, the Long Beach Harbor Commission pulled the truck clean-up proposal from its agenda for more study. The notice circulated by Long Beach Port officials late on October 29th follows.


"The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners on Monday, October 29, pulled a staff proposal for a Clean Trucks Program tariff that would progressively ban the dirtiest diesel-powered trucks from calling at Port of Long Beach shipping terminals.


Explaining the delay, Commission President Mario Cordero noted inconsistencies between the proposed tariffs posted by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. He added that he also wanted to allow the full commission to consider the landmark proposal. Harbor Commissioner Nick Sramek was absent from Monday's board meeting.


The staffs for the two ports had drafted consistent proposals for the clean trucks tariff last week. This weekend the Port of Los Angeles amended its proposed tariff, creating inconsistencies between the two ports. The Los Angeles Harbor Commission is scheduled to consider its Clean Trucks tariff at a November 1 meeting.


The two ports jointly adopted a Clean Air Action Plan last year to significantly improve air quality. The program to ban the dirtiest harbor drayage trucks is the most ambitious element of the Clean Air Action Plan."



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