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Canadian Immigration Rule to Change

On December 15, 2008, the Governmetn of Canada plans to change a key immigration rule in order to assist Canadian companies more easily find skilled foreign labour. Canada will change a rule so that skilled professionals, such as engineers, accountants or professors from the United States or Mexico will be able to get three-year-long work permits instead of one-year-long permits.

The Canadian rule change follows a similar change made by U.S. authorities in october 2008 that allows Canadian engineers, computer scientists and other professionals to obtain three-year work permits in the United States. Mexico is considering such a change.

Canada, the United States and Mexico agreed on labour mobility standards for 63 different professional occupations when NAFTA was negotiated in 1993, allowing professionals from those occupations to work in another NAFTA country without having to re-qualify under local certification standards. In all cases, a professional must have a firm job offer before going to work in the other country.

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