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Canadian Export Declaration Software Version 2008 Released

On January 30, 2008, the Canada Border Services Agency issued Customs Notice CN-2008-003 "Release of Canadian Automated Export Declaration 2008" in which it advised exporters that it released the 2008 version of the Canadian Automated Export Declaration Software (CAED) on January 11, 2008.  More importantly, the 2007 version (which was released in July 2007) expires on January 31, 2008.  Thank you for the one day notice!

Customs Notice CN-2008-003 informs CAED participants to upgrade their software by going to

Participants would be required to find the software - so Trade Lawyers Blog would like to make it easy - please go to the following link to obtain the application, guide and downloadable software -

Customs Notice also informs participants that all values are to be reported in Canadian dollars.  Customs Notice 2008-003 advises participants to go to to find an exchange rate tool.  

There are four types of export declarations:

1) B13A - Export Declaration;

2) Canadian Automated export Declaration (CAED);

3) G7 Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) Export Reporting; and

4) Summary Reporting.

When reporting export transactions to the CBSA, the exporter must ensure that the proper export declaration is completed and the correct value for the export is provided to the CBSA.  For more information, please review D-Memo 20-1-1.

To read a copy of Customs Notice CN-2008-003, please click on CN-2008-003.


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