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Minister of Foreign Affairs Announces All International Treaties Will Be Tabled in Canada's House of Commons Before Signing

On January 28, 2008, the Minister of Foreign Affairs made the following statement in the House of Commons:

"Mr. Speaker, I wish to inform the House that we have fulfilled another election promise today. Effective immediately, any international treaty we sign will be tabled in the House of Commons.


This will allow Canadians and parliamentarians to debate these treaties. This is a testament to democracy and to the fact that our government believes in transparency and democracy. We are proud to have an open and transparent government, unlike the previous government." (Emphasis added)"

It will now be more important than ever that businesses get involved in the process - whether they are in support or against a particular international treaty. The Conservative Government is giving business an opportunity to speak up and indirectly be heard through MPs.  Hopefully businesses will take advantage of the opportunities provided to them and seek advice of Canadian international trade experts in communicating effectively with MPs during the 20 day review period.


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