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Next Critical Step at the WTO Talks - SERVICES!

The Honorable Sergio Marchi, Canada's former Ambassador to the WTO and currently a business advisor in Lang Michener LLP's International Trade Group and the Chairman of the Canadian Services Coalition has sent Trade Lawyers Blog the July 26, 2008 Global Services Coalition News Release from the WTO "Informal" Talks.

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                July 26, 2008


Geneva - The Global Services Coalition today applauded the work of the WTO Trade Ministers in Geneva, and said that “The Signaling Conference has put us on a path to complete the Doha Round Services negotiations.  For the services negotiations to meet the goals of both developed and developing countries, it is imperative that the next round of services offers are substantially improved. The quality of these offers is the basis on which we will judge whether the Doha services negotiations have succeeded.  Because services is one of the three central pillars of the Doha Round, along with Agriculture and NAMA, success in all three areas is needed to bring the Doha Round to a successful conclusion.” 

The Honorable Sergio Marchi, Chairman of the Canadian Services Coalition, declared that, "This Conference has finally integrated, at the political level, the Services sector with the other two market access Doha pillars. In doing so, it provides the Round with economic coherence and momentum, and moves the yardsticks forward in this, the largest economic constituency in the world."

Robert Vastine, President of the Coalition of Service Industries of the US, said  "This  Conference is a real milestone. It's the first time Trade Ministers have concentrated on liberalizing trade in the largest sector of the global economy. We hope that signals heard today will be reflected and even improved in the next round of offers in October."

Services account for two-thirds of global economic activity. Even in low income countries, the service sector generates an average of 50% of GDP, while the figures are higher for more developed countries.  An ambitious outcome on services in the Doha Round would therefore have significant benefits for developed and developing countries alike.

If you would like more information about the Services Signalling Conference at the WTO please contact Cyndee Todgham Cherniak at cyndee(at) or Michael Flavell at mflavell(at) or Sergio Marchi at smarchi(at)


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