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Truck Clean Air Plan Under Review in Long Beach

Under the guise of cleaning up the environment, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have each adopted a program which allows them to outlaw access to the port area for trucks of certain ages over the next few years. The big difference between the approaches of the two ports is Los Angeles decided to adopt a model which grants access licenses only to trucking companies who employ drivers, while Long Beach recognized to do so was to interfere in labor relations which frankly is none of the Port's business as the vast majority of truckers are owner-operators and so work for themselves. Of course, Los Angeles is giving in to pressure from the Teamsters. Now, however, we hear that Long Beach is set to re-examine its financing model.



When doing the numbers crunching for the lease to purchase plan, Long Beach came to realize that its $1,000 per month subsidy to drivers who purchased new environmentally efficient trucks was not enough to cover the full monthly cost. Apparently Long Beach Harbor Commissioners are now concerned that drivers may make too little money and so will default on their loans.



Stay tuned as the issues arising out of the plans of the two Ports continue to expand. It is expected the American Trucking Association will file suit against the Los Angeles plan. Depending on how Long Beach decides to change the financial model of its plan, that port, too, could be part of the ATA lawsuit.

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