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Canada Lifts Visa Requirements for Visitors From Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania

On March 1, 2008, Canada announced that it would no longer require visitors from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania to obtain a temporary resident visa to enter Canada.  The visa-free entry is effective immediately.

The decision to grant visa-free entry occurred after a review that followed Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania's joining of the European Economic Community.

In 2006, there were 33,363 temporary resident visas issued for citizens of Poland, 3,780 for citizens of Slovakia, 989 for citizens of Lithuania and 6,385 for citizens of Hungary.

Visitors to Canada from all of the European Community countries are not required to obtain a temporary resident visa with the exception of Bulgaria and Romania.  The remaining two countries are in the process of a technical review and there is hope that visa-exemptions will be granted at the end of the process.

To guard against abuse of older passports, by January 2009, traveller s from Poland and Lithuania will be required to carry a more secure e-passport for visa-free travel.

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