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APEC Leaders Agree To Not Erect Trade Barriers

APEC leaders have agreed not to raise any new trade barriers for the next 12 months, a key goal of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his discussions here and with other world leaders over the last several weeks.

Harper warned world leaders at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum here that the Great Depression that began in 1929 was not caused by a stock market crash - but was a result of bad decisions made by governments and policy-makers, one of which was shutting down borders to trade in order to protect domestic jobs.

"The world is entering an economic period unlike, and potentially as dangerous as, anything we have faced since 1929," Harper said. "Now is the time for opening doors, not erecting walls."

Harper further said - "The colossal crisis facing the world today is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the principles of cooperation and openness in the international economy."

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