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Is there a way to stop small town plant closures?

Volvo Construction Equipment Corp. has announced that it will close its Goderich plant by 2010, shedding 500 jobs in the town of 7,500 people and consolidating its road machinery operations in Pennsylvania. Eleven years ago, multinational purchased a small town manufacturing gem (Champion Road Machinery Ltd.) with a pledge to make it a key component in its global growth strategy.  Champion had been the No. 2 North American road grader maker behind Caterpillar Inc.  My father worked at Champion up to his retirement and I started my university years with the aid of scholarship monies from Champion.  As a result, I have to ask the question, is there something that can be done to stop the demise of the Goderich plant.  Is there something in the contracts that would prevent this action?  Is there something in the takeover filings that could stop this action? It is worth taking a look.


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