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Canada's NDP Borrow From Obama - Pledging to Renegotiate NAFTA

NDP Leader, Jack Layton, has said that if the New Democratic Party win the election, they will renegotiate the labour and environmental provisions of NAFTA.  This should not surprise anyone who is familiar with the NDP.  It is unlikely that the NDP will win the Canadian election, yet alone get a majority.  However, should the NDP surpass the Liberals in the number of seats won in the October 14,  2008 Federal Election, Canada should expect more an aggressive NDP opposition to Canada's new free trade agreements, unless they contain strong environmental and labour provisions.

As for NAFTA, Jack Layton said today:

“We want a new NAFTA. We want a North American fair trade agreement,” Layton told a crowd of about 100 supporters. “We want a fair deal, not a sellout.”

Layton also said his New Democrats, among other things, would fight to add “meaningful” labour and environmental standards to the deal, reform the energy provisions, which require the export of fossil fuels to the United States even when there are shortages in Canada.

He further said the NDP would also fight to remove the deal’s contentious Chapter Eleven provisions that permits foreign investors to legally challenge Canadian policies.

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