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NDP Say That If Elected, They Will Terminate Softwood Lumber Agreement

On September 24, 2008, the NDP made a surprising announcement promising that, if Jack Layton were elected Prime Minister, he would serve the United States notice that Canada will withdraw from the Softwood Lumber Agreement. Mr. Layton also said Wednesday that he would restrict raw log exports to encourage local economic development in Northern Ontario.

I am sure that the United States Softwood Lumber Complainants would be happy to have Jack Layton rip up the Softwood Lumber Agreement, which will result in Softwood Lumber IV's new anti-dumping and countervailing duty complaints against Canada.  The Complainants have a fund ready for new cases.

Jack Layton did not announce his budget allocations for retaining Canadian and U.S. legal counsel to respond to the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission and the WTO and NAFTA challenges that will follow. He also did not announce budget allocations to the softwood lumber industry during the 3-5 years after the termination of the Softwood Lumber Agreement and the Lumber IV case.

He also forgot to mention that next Softwood Lumber Agreement to settle Lumber IV would likely see the United States Trade Representative requesting amendments to overturn the London Court of International Arbitration decision that was in Canada's favour.  The nest version of the Softwood Lumber Agreement would be worse for Canada.


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