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Supply Chain Pirates

In an article entitled: "Pirates to Worry You: Chinese Manufacturing Partners," on April 16, 2009, Thomas Wailgum of Computer World reports on the results of a survey which finds that Chinese manufacturing partners are the greatest risk due to pirating attacks on intellectual property and supply chains.



Respondents to a survey conducted by AMR Research gave China the top spot in 10 out of 15 supply chain risk areas.  Intellectual property rights certainly led the field by a wide margin, but China also took the top spot for supplier product quality failures; regulatory compliance; supply chain security breaches; supply failure and IT risks.



The full article can be found at: Supply Chain Risks and China, but perhaps its most interesting point is the position put forth by Kevin O'Marah at AMR who, in a January 2009 report, "A Whole New Mind, A Whole New Supply Chain,"  asserts that IP is a key to future supply chain excellence, yet it is severely undermanaged by most companies right now.  O'Marah argues that companies need to rethink the supply chain and focus less on the physical goods themselves and more on where IP-based services and networking opportunities can provide greater efficiencies and more control. He views supply chain management as sound only if it gives serious consideration to brand protection.



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