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Mexico Is Considering Taking U.S. to U.N. International Court on Monday Over NAFTA Trucking Case

If you have been following CyndeeLaw on Twitter, you will have already seen the discussion that I have been having with Mexico Times. On Saturday, August 8, 2008, Mexico Times tweeted:

4500 #Mexico Trucking Cos will sue US FedGov on noncompliance for 15+yrs of NAFTA truck rules for US$2B+ Mex trucks still not allowed in US

I tweeted back in the 140 characters or less limit:

White@MexicoTimes Mexico suing the U.S. over 15 years of NAFTA noncompliance in trucking - In what forum? In addition to NAFTA retaliation? When?

Mexico Times tweeted in response:

@CyndeeLaw to sue under due process rules of UN International Court, next wk if Calderon-Obama talks fail Monday

This is a development to watch closely as it is unlikely the issue will be resolved even if the NAFTA Summit turns into a beer summit in Mexico.

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