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Medical Student Caught and Convicted for Child Pornography on Laptop

On December 23, 2008, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Sai-Man Tang was convicted for importation of child pornography, which was found when his laptop was searched by the Canada Border Services Agency.  He was sentenced  in an Ottawa courtroom to one year in prison. In addition, Mr. Tang was also given a year of probation, was required to submit a DNA sample to the national databank, and was added to the sex offender registry.

Mr. Tang was an aspiring cardiac surgeon. At the time of his arrest, Tang was en route from Boston — where he was completing graduate studies at Harvard — to Sheffield, England, where he was in his third year of medical school.  He was arrested at Ottawa International Airport during what was supposed to be a one-hour stopover after customs agents discovered the 11 images on his laptop computer.

The Sheffield Telegraph reports that Mr. Tang was expelled from medical school as a result of the conviction - his promising career is over.

The morale of the story is that Canada's border officers are searching laptops and visitors to Canada and Canadian citizens may find their lives ruined if they import child pornography into Canada on their portable technology.

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