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State E-Verify Laws

Thanks to my colleagues in MS&K's Immigration Practice Group for this article -

A growing number of states have enacted legislation or issued executive orders targeted at the employment of undocumented immigrants. Many states require certain employers to enroll in the E-Verify program to verify the employment eligibility of newly hired employees. Following is a summary of state laws in this area: (1) require only certain employers to participate in E-Verify, depending on public funding, government employees, state agencies/public work contracts, and other public sector factors (Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma*, Rhode Island, Utah); (2) require all employers to participate in E-Verify, or specific alternatives (Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina); (3) bar employers from using E-Verify (Illinois*) [*Note: Law on hold pending lawsuit] State workplace immigration law is undergoing rapid and widespread change. For further updates and information specific to their obligations, employers should contact experienced immigration and employment counsel.

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