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The WTO Needs to be Part of the Solution to the World's Financial Problems

On January 28, 2009, Canada's National Post newspaper ran an article entitled "WTO warns of bailout dangers".  Go to the folllowing link for the article -

WTO Director General Pascal Lamy is publicly stating that state aid packages meant to stave off financial crises need to be implemented so they do not violate global trade rules or discriminate against foreign companies. 

This is all well and good.  But, the WTO should be proactive and help WTO Members by providing guidance on what forms of aid would be consistent with WTO rules and what forms of aid would be outside WTO rules.  Of course, the WTO cannot identify all possible scenarios and there will be grey areas that may become the subject of a trade dispute if the aid distorts trade.

Unfortunately, the WTO is merely sending up a warning flare without giving guidance of where the dangers actually are located.  There are many great trade lawyers in Canada who can provide opinions on the dangers and governments and interested businessed would be well-served by asking the questions of these experienced and knowledgeable trade lawyers.

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