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Canadian Government Shows Symbolic Support for Women's Rights

Trade Lawyers Blog rarely comments on human rights laws. I have an opportunity today to point out that a representative from the Canadian Embassy in Sudan attended the trial of a Sudanese woman, Lubna Hussein, who is on trial for wearing pants. Ms. Hussein was arrested in July 2009 for wearing pants, which is alleged to be contrary to Sudan's laws.

Canada is making a point of showing international support for women's rights and should be encouraged to do so. It is also important to recognize that Canada is there at some of the more important moments.

I can say from personal experience that Canada has some fantastic representatives at its embassies, high commissions and consulates. While the public in Canada knows little about their activities representing Canada in foreign jurisdictions, Canadians doing business abroad have opportunities to learn, share and improve their opportunities as a result of their dealings with Canada's foreign service.

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