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Twittering During Presentation on Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

I have a Twitter account "CyndeeLaw". After reading a post by Seth Godin last week, I thought I would Twitter during the presentation I attending this morning on the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement negotiations. Here are my Tweets (the most tweets I have written in a day or even a week):

  • Attending i.e. Canada event about Canada/EU free trade
  • Canada's Number One trade priority is the negotiation of the Canada-EU FTA
  • Canada is concerned that the "Buy American" provisions are bleeding into other appropriations bills - contracts are being lost today
  • Canada-India FTA is important from a long term perspective
  • If we get past Doha Round at WTO, next round would be an NTB (non tariff barrier) round (e.g. Climate change measures)
  • Canada-EU negotiations will need business community participation in order to prioritize interests and sensitivities
  • Proper name for Canada-EU negotiations is Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (a CETA) - this is a new negotiated term.
  • Canada is targetting to complete the Canada-EU CETA in 2 years - EU says 3 years --- this is ambitious given provinces at the negotiations
  • Will inclusion of provinces at Canada-EU negotiating table be problematic? Possibly, but agreement for single lead negotiator speak for all
  • Canada-EU CETA negotiations present opportunity to harmonize packaging standards in both regions and within Canada (among provinces)
  • Canada-EU negotiations may require significant changes to Canada's/provincial domestic laws in the area of food & packaging & consumer laws
  • Sub-national (meaning provincial) procurement will be a big issue in the Canada-EU negotiations and the Buy America concession negotiations
  • Canada-EU negotiations may uncover many non tariff barriers in provincial laws (incl differences in provs) preventing global trade w/ Canada
  • Funny comment relating to EU farm subsidies - "The EU keeps their farmers as pets"
  • Canada's export controls regime is less transparent than regimes elsewhere - this is a problem for CDN manufacturers - limits global sales
  • Closing observation - Will Canada-EU CETA negotiations lead to a constitutional crisis in Canada - WOW - a real concern if provs get upset

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