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Should I Stay or Should I Go - Listening to the Clash's Question While Pondering a Trip to China

I have been to China many times and love to travel to Beijing. However, there are a number of Canadians being quarantined in China over H1N1 flu panic. The Canadians were singled out on flights even though they have not been to Mexico and are not showing any health-related symptoms. They are being quarantined in a hotel for 7 days and are being forced to allow Chinese health specialists to take their temperatures 4 times a day.

For more news on the quarantine of Canadians, please go to the following links:

One serious problem with the quarantine is that Canadian consular officials are being denied access to the Canadians and they were not notified immediately of the diversion of the Canadian travellers to quarantine.

As a business traveller, I have to ask the question whether to go to China or not. I would go stir crazy sitting around in a hotel room for 7 days watching CNN. I would be better off working from Canada.

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