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Steven D'Arcy Appointed to Tax Court of Canada

One of Canada's most knowledgeable lawyer concerning goods and services tax and the drop shipment rules has been appointed to the Tax Court of Canada this week. This is fantastic news for persons who have been assessed goods and services tax by the Canada Revenue Agency or the Canada Border Services Agency (provided that the appeal eventually would be filed with the Tax Court of Canada).

Taxpayers and persons who have been assessed goods and services tax should consider filing notices of objection and notices of appeal when necessary. We should all have greater comfort that the Tax Court of Canada will understand the issues now that Steven D'Arcy is on the bench.

Congratulations Steven.

Addendum - May 7, 2009 - I would like to remind readers that Trade Lawyers Blog is a place where I write my personal opinions - my opinions are not necessarily the views of Lang Michener or groups to which I belong.

I would also like to clarify that I believe the Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice of the Tax Court of Canada and the Judicial Appointments Committee have together made a wise choice. The Tax Court of Canada is a specialized federal court, which deals with tax matters, including goods and services tax cases. The judges on the Tax Court of Canada are asked to review complex and simple tax situations. Steven D'Arcy is a wise choice for a Tax Court judge because he is knowledgeable and experienced. He is prominent lawyer in the GST field. He writes clearly and well. I believe he will listen to two parties and give a fair hearing on the issues. I believe he will consider the presentations made by all sides presenting differing points of view. I believe he will be impartial. I believe that in the future, we will all learn a lot from his decisions on the Bench.

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