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Fusion Forming at ICE?

We have heard a lot about fusion centers in the context of immigration issues, wherein government at all levels communicates and coordinates its efforts. It would appear that cooperative spirit is spreading.

In a February 19, 2009 press release, notification was given about the indictment of individuals and companies in Miami for exporting goods to entities in Paraguay on an OFAC list as Specially Designated Global Terrorists. Much of what ICE put out in the press release was routine data. At the same time, there were some noteworthy things said. Given the international nature of the investigation, it was not probably surprising to learn the Joint Terrorism Task Force conducted the investigation. In addition, ICE, the FBI, CBP, DOC, OFAC, Secret Service, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, State Dept., and the ICE attaches in Buenos Aires and Brasilia were all involved with the case. Additionally, the Paraguayan and Brazilian governments cooperated. Finally mentioned are the ICE Intellectual Property Rights Center and the Trade Transparency Unit!

The other point of note is the owners of three Miami-based freight forwarders are among those arrested and indicted. The charges are conspiracy, violations of IEEPA and smuggling electronic goods from the U.S.!

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