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Taiwan Re-Institutes Partial Ban on U.S. Beef Imports

On January 5, 2010, Taiwan's Parliament unanimously passed an amendment to the food health law banning imports of some imports of U.S. beef (e.g., organs, ground beef and other high-risk items).  This step is merely the latest in a trade dispute dating back to December 2003.  Taiwan banned all US beef imports in December 2003 over fears of mad cow disease. In 2006, Taipei relaxed the rules to permit imports of boneless beef. Taiwan and the U.S. signed a protocol in October 2009 to allow the entry of bone-in beef and other beef products, including ground beef and offal.  The latest move back-tracks on some of the recent changes.

The United States has voiced its displeasure with the decision.  We will have to wait and see if this trade dispute becomes the first WTO case filed by the United States against Taiwan.  We also will have to wait and see if the U.S. retaliates by delaying talks on the proposed U.S.-Taiwan trade and investment framework agreement (TIFA).

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