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FDA Expands Its Presence

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg testified on the Hill in June stating the national roll-out of PREDICT is back on track. Currently, this FDA targeting system is operational in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle only, but does cover about 40% of all the imports FDA regulates. The so-called system glitches are said to have been corrected and so Florida and Puerto Rico are next. Once those locations are on-line and working properly, additional locations will be activated.

In the meantime, while continuing to partner with Customs at the C-TAC (Commercial Targeting and Analysis Center for Import Safety), the fusion center where multiple federal agencies exchange data about individual companies and shipments, FDA is also expanding its overseas presence. It now had permanent posts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China; New Delhi and Mumbai, India; San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City, Mexico; and Santiago, Chile. The next posts are said to be planned for Amman, Jordan, and Pretoria, South Africa.

Expanding its reach even further, FDA also has 30+ agreements with foreign counterpart food safety agencies to share inspection reports and other non-public information, working relationship said to be designed to facilitate better decision-making regarding the safety of foreign products.

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