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Canada's Highway of Heroes Is Why Export Controls Compliance Is Important

If you watch this video, you will understand why Canada has export controls laws and you will understand why Canadians and Canadian businesses must take export controls laws and compliance seriously -

Canada has export controls laws because Canadians support their troops who risk their lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere. We use export controls laws to protect our troops from dangers. We have export controls laws so that goods are not exported from Canada that will cause harm to our troops.

I write about export controls on Trade Lawyers Blog and Canada Law Blog and practice in the area because I have a part to play in protecting Canadian troops. I can do my part and make a small, but important, contribution.

I will find a spot on Canada's Highway of Heroes to honour Canada's fallen soldiers and join fellow Canadians in thanking those who pass by us. Standing on a crowded overpass is enlightening. Every business person in Canada who sells controlled goods should participate in a repatriation ceremony and you will understan why export controls complaince should be a top priority.

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