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Update on insulation and container detention claims



I thought it would be useful to provide the following summary on the status of claims associated with the Federal Government Home Insulation Scheme and efforts to recover allegedly excessive container detention...

The Latest EU Demand in Canada-EU CETA Talks Relates to Canada's Oil Sands

Trade Lawyers Blog has posted a number of postings about the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Canada-EU CETA) during the last week. This posting relates to the latest EU demand that Canada must...

What is "Enlightened Sovereignty"?

In Davos on January 28, 2010, Canada's Prime Minister Harper used the term "enlightened sovereignty" in a speech. He stated:

“But ladies and gentlemen, in that brief parting of the veil, I saw world leadership at its best, a...

What Are the World Leaders Promoting: Trade or Protectionism?

The National Post contains a great post by Terence Corcoran entitled "The loopy Obama-Sarkozy axis of trade".  He is right on point. Corcoran observes "on trade issues that [Obama and Sarkozy] promoted ideas that...

Energy Cap and Trade Likely to Increase Tariffs

The American Clean Energy and Security Act, H.R. 2454, is awaiting action in the U.S. Senate. Certainly, seeking to clean up the environment is a good and proper goal. But is this bill, as proposed, the way to accomplish that...