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Bill C-300 Needs a Royal Recommendation Before It Can Pass Third Reading

Bill C-300 "An Act respecting Corporate Accountability for the Activities of Mining, Oil and Gas in Developing Countries" requires a royal recommendation before it can pass third reading Canada's House of Commons. This point of...

A Vendor for ORST Purposes May Judicially Review Collections Action of Minister

A client came to me after the Ontario Minister of Revenue issued a writ of seizure and sale pursuant to paragraph 37(1)(b) of the Retail Sales Tax Act (Ontario). The writ of seizure and sale instructed the sheriff to seize my...

Get Audit Organized! Meticulously Detail Documents Provided to Auditors

Keeping track of the documents provided to any auditor (income tax, sales tax, customs duties, antidumping duties, etc.) is very important. I cannot say how many times I have come in after an auditor's visit to a new client and...

Canada's CBSA Issues SIMA Detailed Adjustment Statements to Importers of Hex Head Cap Screws

We have been informed by more than one of our clients which import fasteners that the Canada Border Services Agency issued Detailed Adjustment Statements in December 2009 relating of importations of hex head cap screws. The CBSA...