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Minister's Offices and Prime Minister's Office Not Subject to Canada's Access to Information Act

On June 19, 2009, the Federal Court of Canada issued a ruling to the effect that Canada's access-to-information law does not apply to the offices of the prime minister or cabinet ministers.  The court said that some records...

The Supreme Court of Canada Released Much Anticipateed BCE Decision

BCE Inc., et al. v. A Group of 1976 Debentureholders, et al. - and - Director Appointed Pursuant to the CBCA, Catalyst Asset Management Inc. and Matthew Stewart (Que. C.A., May 21, 2008)(32647)The Supreme Court of Canada...

Canada Files Request for Consultations Against China RE WTO/GATS

On June 20, 2008, Canada filed a Request for Consultations at the WTO commencing a dispute against China on its measures affecting the distribution of financial information services in China.  Canada's request for...