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What is Ben Johnson Doing Now?

It is the Olympics and some people are asking what ever happened to Ben Johnson.  The world remembers Ben Johnson as the Canadian track runner who won gold at the Seoul Olympics and lost his medal to doping.

Well, he is back in the news.  On the eve of the 100-metre sprint (the Olympic event that lead to his controversy), Ben Johnson has filed a $37 million lawsuit against the estate of his former lawyer for allegedly looting his wealth and failing to protect future earnings.

Ben Johnson has alleged that his lawyer, the late Ed Futerman, made unauthorized payments from his trust account to pay bills and 20 per cent commissions to a hairdresser recruited by the lawyer to act as the Johnson's sports agent.

In the suit, Johnson is asking for $20 million for breach of contract, $12 million for negligence and $5 million in punitive damages. Johnson alleges in the lawsuit he regarded Futerman as a father figure and the lawyer took advantage of that relationship.

When reached yesterday, Johnson, who runs his own online clothing business, said he was advised by his lawyer, Robert Hopkins, not to comment.

So, where is he today - he is still in sales and in court.

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