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Canada Threatens China with WTO Complaint over Tourism Ban

According to Trade Minister David Emerson, Canada is prepared to lodge a complaint with the World Trade Organization to try to force China to designate Canada an approved tourism destination.  Despite three years of negotiations, Canada has failed to secure the designation, while China has granted the special status to more than 130 other countries

Mr. Emerson, who is in Beijing on an official visit,  explained Canada's frustration: 'We really have got to the point where we have to move it along in a meaningful way in a relatively short time frame or we will have no choice but to explore the WTO option. The Minister specified that Canada felt that it was being subjected to unfair discrimination by Chinese officials and that Chinese actions were causing it economic harm.

The timing of the comments is curious given that, just yesterday. Minister Emerson declared that there had been no negative impact from Canada's criticism of China's human rights record.



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