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Canada's Exports to China Rise

According to preliminary figures, Canada's exports to China rose 27% in 2007.  This increase comes despite diplomatic tension between Canada and China arising from Canada's continued focus on China's human rights record.  The relationship between the two countries was strained by the official meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Dalai Lama in October, 2007.

The trade figures were announced during a stop in Beijing by Canada's trade minister, David Emerson.  According to Emerson, the increase demonstrates that there has been no negative impact on trade caused by Canada's political position on China. 

The true picture of Canada's export success in China will only be known when final figures are released.  At that time, it will be possible to assess the increase against similar export figures from other trading nations to see if Canada' s experience is unique or part of an overall increase in exports to China.

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