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Canadian Provincial Premiers Sing With One Voice Against Buy America Protectionism

The Canadian provincial and territorial premiers have been meeting in Canada.  They have discussed U.S. Buy America protectionism policies and have united to give approval to Prime Minister Harper to talk tough with President Obama when the leaders of the NAFTA parties meet next week.

Ontario's Dalton McGuinty honestly stated what the premiers are doing.

“What I want to do is see what we can do to strengthen the federal government's hand so that they can go, when they're dealing with Washington, they've got a strong mandate...”

Prime Minister Harper will attend the meeting and deliver the strong message --- but, will it fall of deaf ears?  

Or, will the message be delivered to the brain of a paralyzed body? What should or can President Obama do to ensure that federal, state and local procurements do not exclude Canadian companies and Buy America policies are not applied to negatively affect Canadian interests.  Are there any concrete/steely suggestions that Harper can deliver?

Would it help if Premier McGuinty offered to send some of Ontario's employer health tax (EHT) specialists to the United States to help the Obama administration copy Ontario's EHT system - the Employer Health Tax Act is short (not even long enough to put one to sleep while reading it)?

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