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EU Files AD/CVD Case Against Fasteners from India & Malaysia is reporting that the EU has opened antidumping and countervailing duty investigations against Indian and Malaysian manufacturers of stainless steel fasteners. In January, 2009, the EU imposed anti-dumping duties as high as 85 percent on steel fasteners from China. This has resulted in China filing a case with the WTO alleging that the duties are not in accordance with WTO rules.

The investigations stem from complaints filed that the European Industrial Fastener Institute. The allegations include the position that importers have source-switched after the ruling against Chinese fasteners.

The commission has 9 months from the start of an investigation to make a determination on whether to impose provisional measures. EU governments have 13 months from the beginning of an investigation to impose definitive countervailing duties and 15 months to impose definitive anti-dumping duties.

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