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Australian Customs initiate dumping invetsigation on PRC aluminium

By notice in a national newspaper today (24 June 2009) Australian Customs has announced that it has initiated an investigation into the alleged dumping and subsidisation of certain aluminium extrusions exported to Australia from the PRC. The application was lodged by Capral Limited here in Australia.

At this stage the application has only been through the preliminary stage where Customs believes that there is a "prima facie" case of dumping or subsidisation. Subject to any action that Customs erred in that prima facie decision (which actions have happened), Customs will now embark on their investigation which, in theory should deliver a final determination in 155 days. Mind you, that time frame is rarely met as Customs is regularly provided with longer periods to undertake various stages of its investigation.

Many would be aware that similar action was recently taken in Canada against PRC aluminium exports with measures being imposed on some exporters. The lodging of the original complaint has been an open secret in the PRC and many had thought that the initiation would have commenced before today.

As ever, delighted to assist any parties involved in the matter. However can I suggest that people move fast as the time lines to get on the record and engage are very tight.

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