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Canada's Anit-dumping Order Against Waterproof Footwear and Bottoms from China Will Expire in December 2010

On March 24, 2010, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal announced that on December 6, 2010, the antidumping order against waterproof footwear and bottoms from China will expire.

On February 2, 2010, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued Notice of Expiry No. LE-2009-004 relating to the aforementioned order. Persons or governments requesting or opposing the initiation of an expiry review of this order were requested to file written submissions containing relevant information, opinions and arguments with the Secretary of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal no later than February 22, 2010, and replies by March 5, 2010.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal received no submissions in support of an expiry review and a continuation of the order. Consequently, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal will not initiate an expiry review.

Canada's approach is a fair one. if none of the domestic producers are interested in the continuation of the antidumping order, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal does not put the exporters and importers through the expense of an expiry review proceeding. The Canadian International trade Tribunal has given the domestic industry the opportunity to come forward -- but even then it is not a foregone conclusion that an expiry review will be conducted if the domestic industry shows interest. that being said, the Canadian International trade Tribunal does consider the submissions filed by the domestic industry to the LE notice.

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